The Power of Pink: B. Pink Parties

B. Pink Parties Hosts Stylish Birthday Parties & Empowering Events For Girls

Have you ever really thought about how powerful pink has become? This color that has become known as a symbol of strength and survival is also known to make a shy little girl shine like a princess and empower her even to be bold, brave and beautiful. So it is no wonder then that when the B. Pink Parties event space recently found its way to the Bulverde/Spring Branch Community little girls begged their parents to make all their pretty pink dreams come true.

B.Pink Parties began when owner Dahlia Quintana decided to move away from her long career in the corporate world and start a business. With three sons of her own the thought of working with children always appealed to her and she began to research options. After discovering the world of children’s party hosting she was sold. Adding in her own love for girly glam and spa services B. Pink Parties opened as a mobile spa party supplier to San Antonio and the surrounding communities in 2013.

The concept was simple – pamper little girls and make them feel fabulous inside and out. With spa treatments and fashion shows, each event had one common theme – every girl is important. Hosting a B. Pink Party was a novelty for many moms who were challenged to find that perfect event for their birthday girl. Both girls and moms a like, sang B. Pink praises and its popularity grew.

Dahlia decided it was time to take the B. Pink Parties to another level, one where she could offer more to her guests, and in 2015 the first B. Pink Parties storefront location opened in Bracken Village and finally moving to their much larger space in the Bulverde/Spring Branch area off of Highway 281 North in May of 2017. “Without my husband’s support and encouragement, this dream of being a business owner would not have come to fruition,” says Dahlia.

So why is B. Pink Parties making such an impact? The space is elegant, sophisticated, glamorous and very pink. With the company motto of “B. Strong, B. Beautiful, B. You” each party guest is welcomed and told that they came to the party already beautiful. The fun that would follow would just continue to highlight that beauty and showcase each guests amazing qualities both inside and out.

Guests of a B. Pink Party are pampered from head to toe with make-up, mini-manicures, mini-pedicures and a fashion show. There is a unique space for every aspect of the party including a celebration room where the guests have cake and open presents. The B. Pink motto greets guests at the door and words of encouragement pepper the space. It is a space meant for uplifting joy.

One last message of empowerment hangs in the celebration room and each guest of a B. Pink Party is asked to recite it as the party ends. “We recite our B.Pink Promise at the end of every party, which starts with ” I am beautifully and wonderfully made”… taken from the Psalms,” says Dahlia.

Ever since moving to her new location the response has been wonderful! Dahlia frequently takes part in local events and donates parties to area schools for fundraising. “It really is unbelievable how much our area has grown over the past 5 years,” says Dahlia. “I don’t anticipate it slowing down anytime soon and we are really excited about being part of it.”

B.Pink Parties specializes in spa parties, glam parties and tea parties for girls ages 3-12. However, the more mature guests are also drawn to the pink party space often saying they wish they could have a pink party too. For just that reason, Dahlia has begun renting the space for other themed events. “Our space can be rented for baby showers, bridal showers, crafting sessions, special group meetings, if you can dream it in pink, it’s possible.“

The space also offers a micro-boutique with fun items girls love from jewelry to backpacks and even small trinkets perfect for party favors. “Our most popular item in the store is our gummy scented wristlet. They come in a variety of bright fun colors and the girls love how they smell.”

This unique and exciting spot has already made its mark on our community. Dahlia is pleased to be doing what she loves so close to home and looks forward to continued growth. “I’m having so much fun with this business and I absolutely love what I do, and sometimes I still can’t believe I get to do this. God has truly blessed my family and our business.”

B. Pink Parties
28152 US Highway 281 N., San Antonio, TX 78260


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