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Hosting A Beauty Party – A New Era of Luxury

Look out Tupperware, there’s a new party in town. Gone are the days of casserole recipe swaps, our modern women want more. Today’s empowered ladies want a party that caters to their needs and interests. Say hello to the beauty party, the pamper party, the ME party.

The sky really is the limit for the types of soirees we’ve seen popping up around The Branch in the past months. From Botox to tanning, it is clear, girls love a reason to get together. So how does one actually put together one of these fabulous fetes?

Depending on your “theme” this could be a reoccurring party or just a one-time event. For a party such as tanning or Botox, you might like continued treatment in a few weeks or months so a group of girls will plan out the year ahead and take turns hosting. If you are the lucky hostess this often means you provide the refreshments and set up a space for your goods or services. Day or evening there are no rules – make it a brunch, just appetizers, a full dinner or just sweets, it’s really up to the hostess to decide, but typically there are cocktails involved.

We reached out to a few local sources to find out more…

Make Over Parties:

This is perhaps the most common type of beauty party and does not require a reoccurring group. Showcasing skin care, make-up or a combination of the two, the parties can be a lot of fun, especially when wine is involved. Typically these are set up by a local representative who will come with a full array of products allowing guests to try them on. “It’s a great way to try new products while having girl time,” says local resident Jenny Bartholomew, a Beauty Guide for the brand LimeLight by Alcone. Jenny is a beauty professional by trade, and is self-proclaimed as make-up obsessed. “I have my own share of skin issues and when I tried LimeLight I was blown away by its performance. My friends know how much I love my products and I have been thrilled to show off this line to them and anyone who would like me to.”

Alcone began producing professional level make up that was created in the 50s solely for stage and film. As the professional artist fell in love with the products they began to spread the word and it is now available through Beauty Guides such as Jenny. “The set up is simple, the products produce amazing results and the color palettes are gorgeous! Get your girls together and I can happily apply the products to each guest with customized advice on the best products for their particular skin type or coloring.” The host of the party also gets added perks based on the amount of sales that day. Limelight is one of many brands available to host home parties. If you are interested in setting one up through Jenny check out her Facebook page and message her for more information.

Tanning Parties:

The popularity of the tanning party is on the rise. With an easily transportable set up, the tanning professional can be party ready in a matter of minutes. Local salon owner, Stephanie Johnson, of Whiskey Sunsets Airbrush Tanning in Bulverde, says “It is a great way to have fun with friends while getting a beautiful summer glow.” Again, the hostess gets added perks, “when hosting four or more, the hostess tans free. The bigger the group, the bigger the discount for everyone, and typically the group will take turns hosting so that others can take advantage of the free tan.”

Set up for the tanning station does not take too much room – a well-lit master bathroom is an ideal location, allowing the person getting the tan to have a little privacy before returning to her friends. Each person takes up to 15 minutes, so depending on the amount of guests, a typical party can take 2 to 3 hours. Stephanie has seen all types of groups, “Parties are popular with bridal parties, proms, cheer and dance teams pre-competition, or for a family getting ready for vacation or really just the girls getting ready for their cute little summer outfits.” Visit the Whisky Sunsets Airbrush Tanning website, Facebook or follow on Instagram for more information.

Botox Parties:

Bring your own needle, joking, joking, but yes this is a party where needles are involved. Again, an easy set up, yet when hosting a Botox event, you actually will need a doctor or nurse practitioner on hand to give each guest a personal evaluation before the licensed injector begins. Probably less of party and more of a gathering, this is one event where drinking alcohol could prove more challenging as it actually increases the blood flow and may cause more bleeding during the procedure. Yet post procedure guests will be happy to have the champagne ready for a toast to gorgeous skin.

Knowing the right Botox professional is key says aesthetic nurse, Laura Galvan who has worked with and on many ladies of The Branch. “An aesthetician license does not automatically cover injections.” Professionals need to have specific Botox training and work under a doctor or nurse practitioner. Laura is a Signature Medspa Specialist at Dr. Rogers Center, which has locations on Redland Road and near the Dominion. “The Medspa will host parties at our location with light refreshments. The party hostess gets credit towards discounted services or even free services depending on how much is accumulated by the group.” To book at the Signature Medspa contact Tammy Robinson at 210-625-5963. If you are interested in hosting one at your home, contact your Botox professional for guidance.

We end the list at three, but really why stop there (massages, lipstick, shopping)! Book your beauty party today – your girls will thank you!

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