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Bulverde and Spring Branch Get Artsy With ASAH Creative Studios

Ever have one of those AH-HA! Moments? Well how about an ASAH Moment? What is that you ask? An ASAH Moment is the moment you decided to feed that creative hunger burning inside you by signing yourself (or your kids) up for one of the many awesome classes offered at ASAH Creative Studios now open in Bulverde.

The name, ASAH (Pronounced Ah-Sah) is the root of the Hebrew verb meaning to do, to make, or to create. Founded by Kimberly and Michael Reid, ASAH’s roster of classes includes piano, guitar, sax, woodworking, mixed media, journaling, music theory, and Jiu-Jitsu to name a few. The Reids, both instructors for many of the classes, exude a naturally creative ability, yet they believe there is an untapped creative side to us all.

“We believe that creativity is an intrinsic part of who we are as humans and usually people are simply not encouraged and given the opportunity to grow in their abilities.” – Michael Reid

Just like Apple Computers or Nirvana, ASAH had its early days of success out of a garage. The Reids brought their love of the arts to the Bulverde/Spring Branch area in 2014. Classes were taught either out of their home/garage or in local schools and churches. The duo quickly created a following of loyal students. The dream to one day have their own facility where the locals could gather together, get artsy and even get a little physical, finally became a reality.

ASAH Creative Studios is located in a brand new building on Bulverde Road, just south of Highway 46. The space offers distinct areas dedicated to gathering, learning and moving. Workrooms, classrooms and a large matted space for physical activities are key components to the expansive class offering. It is a place to learn and collaborate, making it easy for anyone to come take part in the experience. “We will also be including a simple cafe component with the intent of creating a cool community space,” says Michael.

Classes are available for all ages and abilities. “Our ideal student is anyone with an interest or inclination towards the creative arts,” says Reid. “Maybe they have always wanted to learn to play guitar or sing. Maybe they doodle, paint, or make things whenever their hands have the opportunity. Maybe they are looking for something a little more physical like Yoga or Jiu-Jitsu. If there is a creative spark of any sort, we want to help fan the flames and provide them with a place to grow in their artistic capabilities.”

The addition of ASAH Creative Studios brings an even greater benefit to the many recent transplants that have flocked to the area. “The heart of our business is about helping people within our community connect with their creative side through a variety of outlets. We hope to ignite an entire generation of creative thinkers and problem solvers,” says Michael. “We think that our community and our world need this now more than ever.” Final words of inspiration and all the more reason for us to get out there and get creative!

ASAH Creative Studios 721 Bulverde Road, Bulverde, TX 78163

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