Cart Craze

The Hottest Vehicle In Town May Surprise You

Everything may be bigger in Texas, but when it comes to cruising the neighborhood it seems our focus has switched sizes! Fun and function is key and a nice little compact golf cart fits the need nicely. Yes you heard that right, golf carts, a.k.a. neighborhood electric vehicles or NEVs, have become the on trend transportation for the Bulverde/Spring Branch area and no, not because we are all avid golfers.

If this is a trend that hasn’t quite hit your radar, then keep an eye peeled at your next community gathering, hunting event or even local parade. These carts are everywhere! So it is fitting then that our exciting and ever-growing little community welcomed its own resident golf cart expert just a few months ago with the opening of Custom Cruisin Carts.

Taking up shop just north of the River Crossing Golf Course (go figure) on 281, the shop is part showroom and part workspace ensuring all sorts of golf cart fun. It is a great start for the novice cart owner, or an even better spot for someone who knows exactly what they want in their tiny transporter. With customization from glittery powder coating to the ultimate in off road torque, it’s really your one stop shop.

Owner, Brady Chapman has witnessed this golf cart craze grow since first moving to the area nearly 15 years ago. Chapman worked in process improvements for much of his career with top-level companies such as Lockheed Martin. His work included developing processes for the refurbishment of major equipment such as cargo planes and jet engines. Ready for a move towards retirement Chapman was interested in starting something on a little smaller scale and closer to home.

As the golf cart trend continued so did his interest and with the guidance of a fellow golf cart aficionado in Fort Worth, Chapman began work towards bringing the services to our area. Already skilled at refurbishing the slightly used back to nearly new condition he put his talents to work on his newfound endeavor. The need of the community was apparent as business began to steadily grow. There had not been a service such as his in the immediate vicinity. Chapman works on the vehicles right in his showroom and contracts out other specifics such as upholstery and painting to other local businesses.

Completed golf carts are on site available for immediate purchase, but his specialty is partnering with a client to make their dream cart. Carts can be customized from the upholstery, paint and powder coating, to updating the mechanical operations to include better sound systems and USB ports – continuing to stay on top of new offerings in the industry. Chapman finds that he has two distinct clients – the local neighborhood driver or the hunting type.

In The Hood:

Neighborhood and community golf carts have become the new norm. Neighbors can often be seen dressing them up during the holidays for community gatherings or just piling in the kids to go to the pool. However, what are some things to be aware of? It’s important to read your HOA covenants on the use of these types of vehicles and abide by them. In legal terms these vehicles must be driven by a licensed driver and in many instances should be made street legal to drive on any county roads. Chapman has the capabilities of making any cart street legal, which includes head and taillights, blinkers, a horn and a slow moving vehicle emblem. A general rule of thumb is drive respectfully and you should be fine.

On The Hunt:

Hunters are especially interested in customization as golf carts continue to gain fans on the ranch. Chapman has a steadily growing clientele in hunting customization. An electric cart in particular is perfect for quietly driving through the property without scaring off the wildlife. Camouflage wraps, brush guards and gun racks are all some basics. However, it is the ability to make these small carts off-road friendly with an increase in speed and torque that really peak their interest.

Whether for play or sport, it is no doubt the golf cart is here to stay. For Chapman…well his dream to slow down and ease into retirement may have actually backfired on him, as today he finds himself as busy as ever. However he loves every minute of it!

Custom Cruisin Carts is located at 8685 Hwy 281 North, Suite 110, Spring Branch, Texas 78707 | 830-885-6475 or visit them on Facebook.





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