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Spring Branch Teens Clara and Sage Showcase A Fresh New Way To Cleanse Naturally

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By: Emma Coté

With 3 million cases of psoriasis in the U.S. every year, Anne Dutton’s father was not spared by this itchy situation. Anne began to shop cautiously for her family’s skin care as she visited health stores and natural food markets looking for better options. To Anne’s surprise, most products sold were full of ingredients with crazy names that did not sound compatible with the commonly used phrase all-natural. She discovered that the FDA does not regulate the use of the term all-natural and labels can be very misleading.

With some research, Anne found that goat milk can ease many harmful skin conditions and irritations. Goat milk contains capric acids, which are fatty acids that are helpful in removing dead skin cells while also binding moisture to the skin. The process results in new skin cells and healthier looking skin. At the time, Anne had goats on her family property and she decided to test it out for herself. After successfully mastering the art of soap making, Anne began creating a goat milk based soap that she felt was not only helpful in restoring her father’s skin to health, but also perfect for daily use for any skin-type.

Anne’s daughters, Clara and Sage had been following their mother’s progress, helping her along the way and Anne was happy for the help. The girls took to it quickly and began experimenting with other natural ingredients that would add both scent and additional benefits. The mother/daughter trio began selling products online and through local markets, naming the new line Clarasage after the two girls. The popularity for Clarasage grew, as did the girls and Anne decided to give Clara and Sage more responsibility over the brand, which meant meeting personally with customers, continuing in the research of new products and ingredients and helping to fill the orders.

Bitten by the business bug these girls, both students at Smithson Valley High School, now balance school, dance and time with family and friends all while making sure Clarasage continues to grow and thrive. It’s a large undertaking for even a well-seasoned professional, but they prove that with true passion and determination comes success. For Sage Dutton, she has found some of the most beneficial life lessons in this process as she learns to communicate professionally with adults, often speaking one on one with her customers to learn more about what they look for in their skin care products. Clara Dutton believes she has gained invaluable organizational skills through balancing business with school while filling orders, researching ingredients and developing new recipes.

It may seem like a lot for two young girls but they love the challenge, as much as they love the products and are dedicated to making them truly the best in the market. Unlike many of the store bought products available, Clarasage is made completely by scratch at their in-home studio that Clara likes to call the Soap Factory.

The line has grown well beyond soap now and the girls are producing a full line of products from body lotion to their most popular product called Unicorn Pee, a cocoa butter based beeswax lip balm with gold shimmer.

Locally the girls can be seen showcasing their goods at a variety of local Market Days events, but the products are also sold worldwide online through the Clarasage Etsy shop.

As for the future of Clarasage? Clara and Sage will to continue introducing new offerings from the line in hopes to one day bring their products in front of buyers for local and national retail outlets. Of course the girls stay focused on studies just as much as they do the business. The two have big college dreams ahead of them, which will likely only lead to more success for both Clarasage – Natural Goat Milk Products, as well as for Clara & Sage Dutton– two very inspirational young ladies!

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