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It’s All About the Cake!

Seems like every party you attend these days the center of attention is not the honoree, not the food, it is the cake. “Ooooh who made your cake?” commonly heard as the guests arrive…clearly so they will have an equally great cake at their own soiree. And we aren’t just talking children’s birthdays anymore. More often than not, a party just isn’t a party with out a cake that wows the crowd with both taste and appearance.

So when Ashlea Blaschke moved to Spring Branch two years ago, and began showcasing her skills in the baking department, moms took notice. “Baking just comes naturally, it’s actually my way of relaxing,” says Blaschke, 30-year-old mother of two. From a driver’s license cake for a 16-year-old to a decadent Bavarian cream, her cakes run the gamut. “My icing is my secret weapon. Every step is from scratch – it looks great and tastes great too.”

Indeed, her cakes are deliciously delightful. She can mimic almost any Pinterest find and offer up her own rendition. With a daughter in 1st grade and a preschooler at home, the job is the perfect fit for her lifestyle, often baking late at night when the kids are in bed. However she isn’t always alone in the bakery! Her 6-year-old daughter Bryleigh is her biggest fan and the best assistant! “Being able to share these moments with my daughter, and even my son, is the best part,” says Ashlea. “They love to get the ingredients lined up for me and they always get the first sample. Perhaps we have future bakers in the family!”

Being a mother is Ashlea’s first and most important job, but baking cakes takes a close second. She has started a Facebook page to showcase some of her best bites, which is not just limited to cakes. Click here to see what’s in season!



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