The Flower Vault is a One-Stop Photo Op


People Are Flocking to San Antonio to Pose in the Posies

Popping up in the Stone Oak area is a spot so pretty, you’ll definitely take a picture. In fact, at The Flower Vault, the main purpose most people will be going is actually just for that reason- to take a picture. But hurry or you will miss it. This limited-time attraction will only be around a few more weeks.

The “flower themed, instagrammable rooms” of The Flower Vault were created especially for the social media minded by husband and wife duo, Sarah and Robbie Forrest. Sarah is the creative force behind the floral display and chose her native San Antonio to debut her idea. The couple then hope to take their installment on the road.

Each of the five floral masterpieces are vibrant, well-lit, and created for that perfectly #taggable post. Photos of visitors on the rainbow flower see-saw, lost among the camouflaged room or peeking through the poppies are already flooding local social pages. Reservations are available at and the cost is $15 for a 1-hour time slot. Ages 10 and under and dogs on leashes are free.

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