HEB Curbside Success!

H-E-B Curbside Record Grand Opening in Bulverde

Time to tap into your inner recluse! Yes you can buy groceries and no one will know you are still in your jammies, or without dragging three fighting children through the store. You can even grab a gallon of milk without having to schlep all the way back to the dairy section. Yep, there are some perks to this growing metropolis that is the Bulverde Spring Branch area. Today that perk is the option of buying your groceries, from your favorite local HEB without ever stepping inside. H-E-B Curbside is here and a whopping 33 shoppers tried it out yesterday for the grand opening. Yes 33 shoppers may not seem like a ton compared to the hundreds that shop HEB Bulverde daily, however, that number is actually the second largest grand opening number since the service launched in San Antonio and its surrounding counties. Even the most electronically-challenged can get the hang of the easy online sign up. Once a member you shop online, pick a time that is convenient for you to pick up and head to the store when you are ready. The first four times using the service is free! Once there, just text them and let them know you are outside and viola! out come your groceries, bagged and loaded. Now who can we get to unload them?

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