Holiday Decor That Lasts

Seasonal Winter Decor You Can Keep Around Long After The Holidays Are Over
By: Kim Hunziker
Changing home decor to match each new season is one of my favorite things to do.  Winter is one I look forward to most.  There is something so magical about the holiday season.
Here are some things to consider when decorating for the holidays that will have you soaking up the rest of the season in style instead of packing it all up with the Christmas tree.
  • A neutral base: Try to keep all of the permanent elements of your home completely neutral so that you can transition the decor easily from warmer colors in the fall & winter all the way to cool tones in the spring and summer.
  • Choose your color scheme: bright Christmas red is a beautiful color and really pops against a neutral backdrop but why not also consider an alternative color palette such as burgundy and blush pink or navy, forest green and white. Try adding in touches of brushed brass, gold, mercury glass or even galvanized metal or silver.  Choosing more subtle holiday inspired colors will allow it to remain fresh throughout the rest of the winter season.
  • Incorporate natural elements: Greenery (Fresh or Faux) is a great way to spruce up your home for the season.  Garlands look great draped across mantels, tables, entry doors and even stairways.  You can hang a wreath on your front door, over a mirror inside your home or even lay one on your coffee table with a candle and vase placed inside.  Try mixing up the textures by using various things such as cedar, cypress, fir, boxwood, pine, silver dollar eucalyptus, magnolia leaves and flowers, native grass, holly berries, succulents, pine cones, fresh herbs such as rosemary or sage or any other item of your choice.  Go foraging or look around at your local craft & decor stores for things that appeal to you.  Tip: Keep in mind that fresh cut items will only last about a week or so but high quality faux greenery and floral are an excellent choice for no maintenance decor that will look great all season long.
  • Re-purpose what you have around the house: For example, antlers make great winter decor, fill a bowl with pine cones, place bare sticks with nice structure in a glass vase, fresh pomegranates or pears on display in the kitchen, items such as whole pecans, chestnuts, acorns, fresh cranberries or even coffee beans make great vase fillers for arrangements or to cradle around candles in large votives. Take a look around and get creative.
  • Change out linens: replace pillow covers and throws to go with your seasonal color scheme.  Try adding in different textures such as faux fur, velvet, knit and flannel that speak to the season.
  • Make your home smell like the holidays: Seasonally scented candles are a great way to really get things feeling festive. Light up a fire or even boil some cinnamon, cloves, cranberries, orange slices and a few bay leaves in some water over the stove.  Remember that ambiance is the whole goal of decor.  It doesn’t have to be complicated at all.  You want to feel warm and relaxed while at home this time of year.
  • Don’t forget the lights: Use lighting to your advantage.  You can add a string of lights to more that just the tree.  Battery operated twinkling lights look great added to garlands, wreaths and wrapped around so many other items.
  • Remember, less is more: You don’t have to cover every inch of your home in decor.  Just because you own it, does not mean it has to be out on display.  Clutter can really take away from the over all look and feel of your home.


Kim Hunziker is a local Spring Branch resident and Licensed Realtor for Alera Properties, certified in Home Staging and Interior Decor. Find her on Facebook: @AleraProperties.

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