The Man Behind the Max: Max’s Roadhouse

Max’s Roadhouse Brings Camaraderie and Philanthropy to The Branch

The words Spring Branch and nightlife typically were not synonymous. Yet five years ago, when the doors opened to Max’s Roadhouse, something awoke in this quaint and somewhat sleepy community. Max’s has become a staple for hanging out, dining out, hearing great music, and for one night a year giving service to those who served us with Max’s annual military appreciation benefit.

It was never a dream for Max Bordelon to open a bar, it just sort of made sense, the next progression of an already full life. “My first and last bar,” as Max himself tells it. When speaking to Max it’s obvious that he is a pretty simple man. He loves his family, works hard, enjoys life – simple. Max has already raised his kids, and is quite proud of them. He also has a history of successful auto body shops. Which brings him to his current location. The body shop that shares the parking lot of Max’s was another shop built by Max before transitioning to its current owners.

The body shop only occupies a portion of this large, easily accessible, highway facing lot purchased by Max. It was an ideal location for something Max always had in the back of his mind. So community members watched as Max slowly prepared the foundation north of the shop, many wondering what was on the horizon. Time progressed and folks wondered no more as Max’s dream bar began to take shape and Max’s Roadhouse opened in August of 2013.

It was time for the next stage for Max, spending lots of time with his pride and joy, granddaughters Maxine and Daisy, and having a little fun. Max’s Roadhouse opened and the community of Spring Branch, Texas was forever changed, and for the better. The establishment seemed to meet a need quickly becoming the founder of the  nightlife scene for the Bulverde/Spring Branch community. Not a raucous night club or a nuisance to the community – Max’s is a carefree and fun place to just gather and play pool or see a great band.

Another draw that has continued to grow steadily in popularity is the food. Originally serving small plates from a food truck, Max quickly expanded, added a full service kitchen and gave the reigns to a culinary duo – Andrew Smith and Edwin Garza who had a knack for great eats and a vested interest in continuing the success of the establishment. With highlights such as the pulled pork or fish tacos, specialty pizzas and some of the hottest wings around, the menu has drawn lunch and dinner crowds since its expansion.

This new local hot spot was building a reputation and regulars began looking forward to getting out and seeing friends. The décor is very much Roadhouse meets Dancehall with sporting and military memorabilia filling the walls. A custom built cannon shaped fire pit in one corner that bares the Bar’s name might just be Max’s favorite thing he owns. The military hits deep for Max. His uncle, Staff Sargent William J. Bordelon, was a United States Marine who served in World War II and was killed during the Battle of Tarawa leading the assault on the enemy while rescuing fellow Marines. For his actions he was the first U.S. Marine from Texas to be awarded the Medal of Honor – the highest military honor.

Max has a deep passion for our country and many friends who have served it. It was when a jet fighter friend passed away that Max decided to take advantage of this amazing new community he was a part of and host an event to both celebrate the life of his friend while also raising funds for others who had served. So in November of 2013 Max hosted his first annual military appreciation benefit, now on its fifth year this benefit raises an average of $70,000 for selected charities each year.

Organizations such as Camp Gratitude and Santa’s Rolling Reindeer are beneficiaries of the event. c.g.i. Camp Gratitude, Idaho was developed by a partnership of veterans who wanted to say thanks to military and veteran families by providing a free week-long camping experience offering relaxation while building strength and resilience. Santa’s Rolling Reindeer again serves families in need, may it be military or children struggling from a life challenge, these men on motorcycles raise funds and host toy drives to make Christmas special to those who would most likely have none.

The success of the event is a testament to the great turnout from the Bulverde/Spring Branch community, as well as many of the local men of service from the community. Max himself says he is blown away by the generosity that surrounds the event. Yet the generosity comes from all sides as Max himself dedicates 100% of the proceeds to the charity donating all facility expenses and services to the event free of charge. Checks written during the event are also written directly to the charity as Max himself ensures every penny will go straight to them.

Max’s 5th annual military appreciation benefit will be held on Saturday, November 18 from 6:00pm to 11:00pm at Max’s Roadhouse, 5375 US-281 North, Spring Branch. Tickets are $100 per person which includes food and drinks (only 300 tickets will be sold). Entertainment for the evening includes music by John Reeves & The Brew and silent and live auctions. Purchase tickets at Max’s Roadhouse or Contact Rhonda at 210-289-9681 to purchase tickets or donate items to either auction.

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