Should I Go To Urgent Care?

Texas MedClinic Explains The Differences Between Urgent Care Facilities and Stand Alone Emergency Rooms

Cold, flu (and strep) season is upon us! Many of our primary care physician’s offices are overwhelmed with the influx of appointments. Therefore, it has become almost a natural reaction to turn towards urgent care facilities for on-the-spot care when regular doctor’s offices are closed or just can’t fit you in. In the Bulverde/Spring Branch area we are seeing so many new offerings in this department, including a new Emergency Room in the former HEB shopping center. Emergency rooms are very effective for actual emergencies, but many people do not know the difference between a stand alone er, an urgent care and when they need to just go to the hospital. Another new addition to the area is Texas MedClinic and The Branch Texas met with theses pioneers in urgent care to find out the difference.

Established by renowned emergency physician, Dr. Bernard Swift, Texas MedClinic was developed to provide convenience, ease and quality medical care. As a hospital emergency room physician, Swift saw firsthand the need to provide a medical resource that was open after hours for ailments like flu, strep throat, cuts, abrasions, sprains and broken bones.

“Texas MedClinic is there ‘for life’s little emergencies,’ providing care after doctor’s offices are closed, offering an alternative to hospital emergency rooms where the waits could be as long as 5-6 hours due to emergency and trauma doctors caring for people who were involved in serious car accidents, wounded by gun shots or suffered a stroke or heart attack,” said Swift.

Swift cautions consumers to understand the difference between the need for critical emergency care and urgent care. “If you need an ambulance, you need to go to a hospital.”

In the last decade, Texas has seen a proliferation of freestanding emergency rooms that market themselves as true emergency rooms, but do not have the medical staff or equipment to care for life threatening illnesses or trauma like a hospital-based emergency room.

“Full-service hospitals invest in specialty equipment and staff that can care for life-threatening illnesses or trauma and can move patients rapidly and seamlessly towards definitive care. A large facility fee is charged to all patients, regardless of the severity of the problem,” said Swift.

According to Swift, most freestanding emergency rooms are not connected to or located within a full-service hospital, and suffer from a lack of proximity to state-of-the-art definitive care services for problems like stroke, heart attack, or trauma requiring immediate surgery. “All those more serious patients must be transported to a hospital with the attendant, thereby generating additional cost and medical risk,” said Swift.

He added that freestanding emergency rooms provide the same services as urgent care clinics like Texas MedClinic, but charge hospital emergency room prices. In a tour of the state-of-the-art facility it was clear they are ready to take on many medical challenges and even services such as drug testing and x-rays not available at most retail walk-in clinics.

Texas MedClinic is a walk-in clinic, open every day from 8a.m. to 11p.m., no appointments are necessary, and when preparing your visit correctly, you’re likely to have no wait either. Through their unique online sign-in function, patients can choose their Texas MedClinic location, see how long it will take to see a provider and receive alerts via email, text or phone when the visit time nears. No sitting for an hour in a waiting room filled with sneezes and germs!

Still unsure? Check out this quick reference guide on Urgent Care vs. ER.

Texas MedClinic just opened their 18th location just East of the Vintage Oaks community on Highway 46 and Oak Run. Another, Spring Branch location is also set to open in the Singing Hills community in early 2018.

Stay tuned to The Branch Texas for information on the opening of the Singing Hills location and more health tips from TexasMedClinic. 








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